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ISLE ROYALE NATIONAL PARK is a wilderness archipelago in northwest Lake Superior, only accessible by seaplane or boat. Aquatic environments abound both on and around the island. In fact, some 80 percent of the National Park is under water as shallow, inland lakes and the deep, cold, foreboding Lake Superior waters.

Commercial fishing has been one of the mainstay economic activities on the island throughout historic times. Sport fishing now replaces commercial fishing but the Island's Edisen Fishery is run by the National Park Service as a demonstration fishery and cultural exhibit preserving the rich history of commercial fishing at Isle Royale.

Isle Royal National Park was authorized by Congress in 1931 "to conserve a prime example of North Woods Wilderness." The park was designated part of the National Wilderness Preservation System in 1976, under the Wilderness Act, and remains today as an example of primitive America. In fact, over 99% of the land in Isle Royale is designated wilderness. Further honors were bestowed in 1981 when Isle Royale was designated a Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations, giving it global scientific and educational significance.

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