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Day Trips
Chisos Mountains Lodge

Bicycling In The Park
The best season to bicycle in the Park is between October and April. Beyond the asphalt, there are over 130 miles of backcountry dirt roads. Visibility is good except on Chisos Mountains and the Boquillas Canyon Roads where roads are steep and winding with blind curves. Popular roads for cyclists include: Dagger Flat Road, Pine Canyon Road, Juniper Canyon Road, River Road&emdash;bikes are permitted on any roads that motorized vehicles travel on however. Off-road or single-track cycling is not allowed in the Park. Carry plenty of water, sunscreen and a camera!

Rafting/Kayak Day Trips:
Santa Elena Upstream

Only for the more vigorous, paddle upstream from the Santa Elena Canyon Trailhead and then return with the current back downstream. Obviously it's easier if the water level is low. Fern Canyon is a beautiful side canyon (two miles upstream) where you can see ferns growing out of the canyon walls. No fee is charged by NPS for day-use trips.

Rio Grande River
Canoe, kayak or fish on the Rio Grande River&emdash:on your own or with a guided-tour. River conditions are constantly changing, so plan your trip accordingly. Fishing licences are required and anglers can only fish in the Rio Grande. Several outfitters are available out of Terlingua.

Big Bend National Park, Basin Rural Station
Big Bend National Park , TX 79834

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