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Chisos Mountains Lodge


Chisos Mountains Lodge is
• 10-12 hours from Houston and Dallas;
• 8 hours from Austin and San Antonio;
• 5-6 hours from El Paso and Lubbock.

It's a good idea to add an extra day of driving on both ends of your trip to account for distances and time spent in interesting towns along the routes.

Repair shops in the Big Bend are few and far between, so make sure the your car is in good working condition, CARRY PLENTY OF WATER

FROM HOUSTON - travel I-10 to San Antonio and then take Highway 90 through Del Rio for the drive out to Big Bend. On the return trip, take I-10 from Fort Stockton back to Houston, which is a faster journey.

FROM DALLAS - take I-20 to just west of Odessa, then take either Farm Road 1053 or Highway 18 (from Monahans) south to Fort Stockton. Take Highway 67 south to Alpine and then Highway 118 south to Study Butte/Terlingua.

FROM AUSTIN - take Highway 290 through Fredericksburg to I-10; travel west on I-10 to Fort Stockton; take Highway 67 to Alpine, then Highway 118 south to Study Butte/Terlingua.

FROM EL PASO - take I-10 east to Van Horn, then Highway 90 south to Alpine, then Highway 118 south to Study Butte/Terlingua.

Towns and tourist sites of interest along the way:
The drive from El Paso will take you through some of the most desolate, eerie and astonishingly beautiful western territory in the United States. As you make your way east on I 10 and south on 90, you'll pass through the picturesque old mining and cattle towns of Sierra Blanca, Allamora, Van Horn, Lobo and Valentine.

Marfa–at the intersection of routes 90 and 67, Marfa is amazingly diverse and unique. Packed with art galleries, 19th and early-20th-century architecture, Marfa has become a travel destination in and of itself.

Marfa has been the set location for such films as Giant with Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson, There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men--both Coen Brothers movies.

Marfa's well-known claim to fame is its "Marfa Lights." Every year, an annual Marfa Lights Festival is held at a "Viewing Station" nine miles east of town where people converge to discuss the strange light sightings that have been recorded in the area for years. Do YOU believe in "UFOs?"

Shafter Ghost Town and Presidio -
About an hour south of Marfa drivers pass through the Ghost Town of Shafter, before arriving in Presidio. Fort Leaton State Historic Site is a fascinating historical and cultural site to visit if there's time. Here over 3000 years of native culture and agricultural history is documented, this being one of the country's oldest continuously cultivated areas in the United States.

Fort Leaton Site visitation is day-use only; enjoy picnicking & guided tours. Exhibits on area history from the 15th century, natural history, and archaeological history of the area are featured. The site serves for historical study activities as well.

From San Antonio and Austin–
The drive from San Antonio and Austin will take you through some of the most expansive and beautiful western vistas in the United States. As you make your way west on I–10 you'll find a historic state park, underground adventures and the biggest roadrunner you've ever seen!

Caverns of Sonora–located on Interstate 10, about halfway between Big Bend National Park and San Antonio, Texas, are the Caverns of Sonora–recognized as one of the most beautiful show caves in the world. Guided tours, gemstone panning and specialty tours are available. Located 15 miles southwest of Sonora, Texas

Fort Lancaster State Historic Park –
located on US Hwy 290, 8 miles east of Sheffield, TX this 82-acre park was originally established as Camp Lancaster in 1855. Company K of the 9th Cavalry (Buffalo Soldiers) occupied the Fort in 1867 and 1868. Fort Lancaster Park is open 7 days a week, 9-5:00 PM; facilities include a Visitor Center, picnicking area, trails and a Nature Trail. For more information, call (432) 836-4391 email:

Fort Stockton
Don't forget to stop in and say hello to Paisano Pete, the world's largest roadrunner, while your making your way through Fort Stockton!

Big Bend National Park, Basin Rural Station
Big Bend National Park , TX 79834

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